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Did you know that a recent study was performed by Texas A&M University showing men and women working in an office environment with flowers and plants demonstrated more innovative thinking, generated more ideas, and created more original solutions to problems than workers whose offices were bereft of foliage? Pretty interesting right? Well, the presence of flowers in the workplace can also reduce anxiety, negativity, and depression (Society of American Florists). Make the most of your employees and the time they spend with your company, by creating a comfortable and friendly environment with In Bloom's beautiful designs. 

Corporate Events

Before even a single word is exchanged, flowers can convey a warm, welcoming first impression upon your guest. Your guest will have a sense of sophistication and creativity about your company. Make the most of this opportunity and display In Bloom's amazing designs today! 

Corporate Plants 

Plants play an important role in our everyday lives. Plants provide the oxygen that we breathe, food that we eat, and shade to keep us cool. So why not surround your office space with them to create a calm, pleasant environment for you to be productive in your work. 

Our experts will work with you to select plants that will thrive in your company space, taking into consideration adequate light, water, and nutrients. We will be sure to help you select containers that will enhance your office décor as well. 

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